Brazen Talisman of the Crossroads

Scholar, Mentor to Scintillating Talon


“Get behind me!”


An old Sidereal Exalt, Brazen Talisman of the Crossroads was aware of the arrival of Eternal Dirge and the destruction he had brought in his wake. But being more of a seer than a soldier himself, sought out another to lead men against their would-be conquered. That was when he found a clever man by the name of Scintillating Talon of the Thunderbolt.

He trained the younger man for months, preparing him for leadership and giving him the tools necessary to defeat such an enemy.

Then he sent him off to gather forces, resources, and allies. Talisman knew this would be no easy task. It was said he could see immeasurably into the future, for he was always saying “No matter how much you wish it would not, the sun will always set.” Some believed it to be a dooms day tale for the Solars. Others thought wise words, to convince one to sieze the day. But there were things even he could not see. If only he knew what would happen to Talon, perhaps he’d have armed him better. Perhaps something with orichalcum.

Months later, with the Usurpation confirmed and nearing, Talisman recovered a few things to give to what could presumably be the last Solar in existence. Talon’s fate seemed to vanish from the Loom just hours before and he knew he would have to act fast if he were to change that. He gathered two jade daiklaves intended for traitors and a suit of articulated orichalcum. It would have to do.

When he returned to Yu-Shan after his visit to the Hollow, the loom still could not divulge what happen to him.

Brazen Talisman of the Crossroads

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