Eternal Dirge

Sorcerer and Warlord in the First Age


Not much is known about Eternal Dirge. He appeared in the deep forests of the Far East in the height of the First Age. An old Exalt, Brazen Talisman of the Crossroads was aware of his arrival and the destruction he had brought in his wake. But being more of a seer than a soldier himself, sought out another to lead men against their would-be conquered. That was when he found a clever man by the name of Scintillating Talon of the Thunderbolt.

Eternal Dirge and Talon had many skirmishes, dwindling their numbers, and nearly destroying many cities and towns.
Dirge knew he had to think of a plan to defeat him once and for all or find a way to rid himself of this troublesome Solar.

So he concocted a plan to flee and return in a thousand years, hoping the East would be more ripe for the picking.

Eternal Dirge

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