Fortune of the Nights

Lunar priestess, No Moon Caste, Lover Left behind by Talon



A Lunar exalt with the totem of an owl during the First Age. Fortune of the Nights began as a mortal priestess who worshipped Luna, Goddess of the Moon, Light of the Night Sky.

She grew up in the city of Hollow in the East. But constantly found herself out at night, beyond the city walls staring up at the night sky and pondering what wonders it held. One night an owl landed on a branch of a tree cast in the moonlight. She could feel it’s eyes staring through her. It stared for whole minutes making noises and fluttering from branch to another. It wasn’t long until she realized it was trying to lead her somewhere. Deeper into the trees.

Hours passed as the moon rose higher into the night sky. Eventually she came to small clearing, littered with colorful flowers, glowing in the moonlight. And a small, crystal clear pond in the center. Deep down at the bottom, Fortune could see a bow resting down beneath the surface. Thirsty from her long journey, she reached down and scooped a handful of water to her mouth. Suddenly, her vision went white and she passed out.

That was the night Fortune was chosen by her Goddess to be granted powers of all kinds. She took that place as her own. (demense, perhaps?) and devoted her new life to discovering her destiny. That is, until Talon.

When she met her Solar counterpart, it was fate. They were designed to be together. Although she felt that should cheapen the idea, it didn’t matter to her. Fortune and Talon had very different lives, but still she lived for the times he was near, not out warring or battling off some fiend. Then Talon left..

Fortune of the Nights

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