Heir of the Bright Catacomb

First Age Twilight, helped freeze Talon and his allies.


Having grown up on what’s now known as the “Blessed Isle,” he exalted at a young age and was swept up by a group of powerful Solars. With a keen eye for detail and the talent for working magical artifacts, he was quickly building beautiful statues in the greatest city in Creation. But that just wasn’t what he wanted.

Nearly a decade later, he lived in the city of Hollow paying merchants exorbitant amounts of money for a specific kind of Ironwood for material interweave on the new breastplate design he was working on. That’s when Talon arrived.

“So you want me to build you.. A time machine? I know we’ve been friends for a while and I hate to break it to you, cause you aren’t the guy who is nice when he’s angry, but that’s impossible. Literally. It’s one of the rules of our existence, otherwise we’d have multiples of the same souls doing the same things. A real mess for the plo—Loom of Fate… Hmm, but I might be able to help you anyway. Give me a week. I’ll let you know what I find out. Oh and pal? I’d say goodbye to your loved ones just in case this don’t work the way I want.”

Heir of the Bright Catacomb

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