The Firestorm of The Hollow

Duo of Dragon Bloods, Lieutenants for Talon


A brother and sister born back in the First Age in the city of Hollow, where Nexus stands now. Having been inseparable since birth, when it came time to be trained in the arts of combat, they tested each other relentlessly and practiced synchronized techniques until they were perfect. Flickering Flame of the Sunlight Mesa, the boy, was a fire aspect said to have the heat of Malfeas at his finger tips. While Peerless Heavens, the girl, was an air aspect with such command of the skies that she made the Sidereal nervous. She harnessed her brothers power and focused it like a beam of light through a magnifying glass.

When Scintillating Talon of the Thunderbolt saw what the pair were capable, he sought their aid in leading his army in the East. They were skeptical at first, but when they saw his brilliance and devotion, they quickly grew fond of him.

After a few years of moving across the East, the twins, and Talon, had a foe escape their grasp. When Talon said he found a Twilight Caste that could help, they jumped at the chance. Not knowing what was in store for them.

The Firestorm of The Hollow

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