Orca, The Firedust Hurricane

Pirate Captain turned Scavenger Lord


Orca was born in The Neck, the bastard son of a Dynast Noble and an island priestess on a small island a few miles from Solid Shell. He never knew his father, and after his mother died, Orca spent most of his life hopping from port town to port town, working as cabin boy on in order to survive. As he grew older, he signed on to serve as a crewman on Danaa’d’s Talon, a ship captained by members of the Wyld Hunt, who sailed around the West hunting down anathema. Orca had little love for the Realm, but the money was good and the crew was promised their pick of the anathema’s riches for every one the Wyld Hunt slew.

While the rest of the crew took the gold and jewels of the fallen anathema, Orca had more interest in the ancient scrolls and tomes found in the Wyld Hunt’s wake. He would often take crow’s nest duty just so he could read more about the legendary First Age. During this time, the Wyld Hunt’s appointed scholar Peleps Salai took him under her wing, teaching him the basics of alchemy and offering him access to her on-ship library.

His time on the Talon ended one night during a terrible storm in Skullstone. The Wyld Hunt had been tracking the vicious pirate Ebon Siaka, following her ship into a stretch of sharp rocks. This is where Ebon Siaka sprung her ambush, attacking the ship with her crew of undead. The Abyssal had struck down most of the crew like paper and cornered Salai in her library. Orca knew his teacher couldn’t withstand a strike from the Abyssal’s mighty hammer. He had to do something. Suddenly, his mind switched into overdrive and he began to work with the alchemical equipment. He quickly created a red powder and flung it at Ebon Siaka. When it touched the woman’s skin, she screamed in agony. Orca wasted no time, taking a flame piece and firing at her again and again. Ebon Siaka, in too much pain to go on, quickly ordered a retreat. It was only after Orca saw the look of horror on everyone’s face that he realized the glowing caste mark upon his forehead.

Sure he would die, Orca was surprised when Salai instead turned upon her fellow Wyld Hunters. Casting a spell to form a cloud beneath her feet, she grabbed Orca and flew from the Talon. Upon arriving on a small island (actually the top of a manse hidden beneath the waves) Salai explained that she was part of something known as the Gold Faction and would see to it that he prospered as a “Chosen of the Sun”.

In the short few months since his Second Breath, Orca became a legendary pirate known throughout the West, his name mentioned alongside the likes of Moray Darktide and Ebon Siaka. Along with accumulating vast wealth an noteriety, Orca also developed a friendship with Plentimon of the Dice, the chief gambling god of Creation. Plentimon enjoyed Orca’s constant attempts to stick it to the Realm, and Orca enjoyed his partying attitude that was cultivated at the Diving Sea Snake Casino. Eventually, when Calibration rolled around, Plentimon extended his friend an invitation to the biggest party in Heaven: the Carnival of Meeting in Yu-Shan. Orca arrived in Yu-Shan with Plentimon, passing through one of the gates and proceeded to attend one of the greatest parties of his one life.

Five days later, Orca woke up in an ornate bedroom, a courtesan clinging to him, surrounded by empty bottles of various drink and seriously hung over. He got up to try and find his way to his ship, thinking he was back in the Diving Sea Snake Casino. Upon reaching the window, he saw not Mantaville, but an immense city that he had never seen before. He remembered very little about his time in Yu-Shan, mainly a blur of drinking, gambling, seducing beautiful women, and fights with drunken gods and Exalts alike, and even running from the Wyld Hunt. However, a quick questioning of the courtesans he woke with told him that he was in the City of Nexus, literally on the other side of the world. Realizing he was in one of Plentimon’s ‘safe houses’ and not knowing where his friend had vanished to, Orca decided to make the best of a bad situation. He began to use the enormous amount of wealth Plentimon had hidden in Nexus to establish a life for himself, the only kind of life that was worthy of a great pirate king like him!

Orca, The Firedust Hurricane

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