Peleps Salai

Member of the Gold Faction and "Retainer" of Orca


Peleps Salai met Orca while sailing on the ship Daana’d’s Talon, pretending to be a Dragon-Blooded scholar and member of the Wyld Hunt. When Orca took his Second Breath, Salai managed to save his life, revealing to him that he was a chosen of the Unconquered Sun and that she was meant to see that his destiny came into fruition. Since then, Salai has done her best to ‘aim’ Orca towards the correct paths in life. However, Orca rarely listens leading to much frustration from the Sidereal.

Orca knows little about his Sidereal mentor or what being part of the Gold Faction truly entails. He’s not even sure what a Sidereal exactly is (just that his friend Plentimon finds it hilarious that he and Salai have occasionally been lovers in the short year he’s known her). While in the West, Salai would occasionally show up to Orca every few weeks, a month at most. He has not seen the woman since his night at the Carnival of Meeting.

Peleps Salai

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