The Emissary

Enforcer of the Council's Will


The Emissary is the sworn protector of Nexus. This mysterious being has been has been present in the city since its founding. Speaking on behalf of the enigmatic “Council of Entities,” The Emissary brings justice to those who would break their laws. When the various minor laws comprising the Civilities are violated, it is usually left to the Mercenary Companies. When one breaks the cardinal rules of Nexus, known as The Dogma, The Emissary often becomes directly involved.

The Emissary is a fierce warrior, and has never been visibly wounded in battle. Most perpetrators give themselves up before coming to blows when they encounter The Emissary.

The Emissary wears a light gray cloak, and nearly featureless mask of the same color at all times. No one knows what lies beneath, but most say it may be better not knowing.

The Emissary

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