Fierce Celestial Feather

Orichalcum Grand Daiklave from the First Age.


Last seen in the possession of Scintillating Talon of the Thunderbolt, the Fierce Celestial Feather was an extraordinarily large grand daiklave crafted specifically for him during the First Age by a Twilight Caste Solar named Heir of the Bright Catacomb with the intention to fight the sorcerous warlord known only as Eternal Dirge.

It’s innate abilities included being light enough to carry in one hand, the ability to be stored in Elsewhere at a whim, and returned to the wielder’s hand with a thought. Also the decorative skull on the blade near the hilt doubles as a dial that when activated makes the orichalcum in the blade heat to molten and glowing temperatures instantly. It could, in theory, be used as accurate as a comically large blowtorch if the wielder truly desired.

Besides being a favor from one Lawgiver to another and the much needed tool to help defeat Eternal Dirge once and for all, the Fierce Celestial Feather was intended to be a sword fit for a warrior and leader of men. It was crafted to show what lengths Talon would go to, how no obstacles can stop him and reward his selfless sacrifice to leave behind his life and love for the good of Creation.

Fierce Celestial Feather

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