The Six-Flame Tides

Twin Flame Pieces currently in possession of Orca, the Firedust Hurricane


As the Primordial War drew to a close, the servants of the world’s former masters grew more and more restless. One such beast was the mighty Makara the Devourer, a massive sea-dwelling behemoth who Kimbery would send to destroy the island nations which displeased her. With the banishment of the Acid Sea Yozi, Makara became mad and lashed out at nations and fleets, destroying them with nary a flick of her mighty tail. Even the greatest of Solar weaponry put nary a scratch on her multi-colored scales. After terrorizing the west for countless years, there was a Solar sorcerer who’s name was lost to time. Having slain numerous beasts in the West, he thought of a plan to stop Makara. Having already taken the obsidian tusks of Welcarro, the Khan of the White Sea, began to fashion them into flame pieces. However, when he tried to embue the weapons with the essence of a powerful volcano god, he wound it was not enough power. What followed was a great journey, where the sorcerer traveled Creation and beyond to find flames strong enough to forge a weapon that could pierce the skin of Makara the Devourer. The Sorcerer sailed into the Wyld, finding the chaotic flames of the Rhaksha Courts and forging their burning madness into the weaponry, yet it was not enough. He sailed into the deadly seas of Kimbery, seeking out the Green Sun Liger and using his green flame to embue the weapons with the strength of the fallen Primordials, yet it wasn’t enough. He forged them again in the black fires upon the corpses of the Neverborn in the Underworld, the precise almost surgical fires of Autochthon’s massive forges and even at the Elemental Pole of Fire itself. Yet still it did not have the strength to defeat Makara.

Finally, the sorcerer took the twin pistols to Yu-Shan, climbing the steps to the Jade Pleasure Dome and pleading to the Unconquered Sun himself. He requested that to protect the people of Creation, that the Unconquered Sun bless the weapons with the power of the Daystar itself. Impressed by the Sorcerer’s bravery and determination, the Unconcquered Sun accepted his offer. After which the sorcerer returned to the West and faced down Makara the Devourer again. Some say the fight lasted for months, others say that the sorcerer only fired the great weapons six times, others say he fired only once. Needless to say, Makara fell and the West was free to prosper.

After the Usurpation, the weapon known as the Six-Flame Tides was lost to the Sidereals and the Dragon Blooded alike. It was only found thousands of years later, when the pirate known as Orca, The Firedust Hurricane found it in a hidden cave, who’s location was revealed to him after he won it in a dice game from his friend Plentimon.

The Six-Flame Tides

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