Volcanic Fang Skewer

First Age Jade Daiklave


One in a pair of weapons giiven to the Firestorm of the Hollow, this one belonged to Flickering Flame of the Sunlight Mesa, a dragon blooded exalt with control of, the element, fire. The weapon is a daiklave forged from jade retrieved from the oldest and hottest volcano in the history of Creation.

It was said to be created for a terrestrial of the same element during the Primordial War after just him and his brother, a Solar, caught a weakened primordial off guard and destroyed it with a combined flurry of attacks and three die stunts. In pulling off such a miraculous feat, Autochthon blessed the warrior with the most extravagant of blades he could create, for he truly was a deserving warrior.

Just days before Flickering Flames of the Sunlight Mesa would make his trip to the future, he, along with his sister Peerless Heavens and leader Talon, was visited by a sidereal Exalt by the name of Brazen Talisman of the Crossroads. The man said it was very important for their journey that he and his sister be adequately armed, for they were the only assistance Scintillating Talon may have in the future.

“The last time this was used, it felled the greatest threat to Creation known to the Gods.”- Brazen Talisman of the Crossroads

“This is an honor too great for me. It will not be squandered. I bid you good fortune, Talisman.”- Flickering Flame of the Sunlight Mesa

Volcanic Fang Skewer

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