Zephyr Guiding Épée

First Age Jade Daiklave


Belonging to Peerless Heavens, one of the pair making up the Firestorm of the Hollow, the Zephyr Guiding Épée was a jade daiklave formed beneath the surface of Creation far in the northeastern corner. Nearly perfectly made by the natural metamorphic rock and the lay lines of essence in the region, it sat resting beneath the rock for centuries until the wind and rain finally eroded the rock that encased it.

One day, a few decades after the Primordial War, a dragon blooded Exalt happened upon it, and fancying it’s natural beauty and the light that sparkled within, removed it from its elemental display.

Some years later up in the far North, the same Exalt, Swift Artisan of the Lily was left alone to defend a city full of “eggs” or young terrestrials from a Solar Dawn Caste driven mad by the Great Curse. She retrieved the only blade she possessed and used it to hold off the lunatic former three dawns and three dusks until the effect of the curse had subsided. Not one egg was lost.

Peerless Heavens was given the blade just days before her journey to the future to stop the Warlord Eternal Dirge. It was delivered by a Sidereal by the name Brazen Talisman of the Crossroads, a friend of Talon’s.

“This blade, created by Gaia himself, has saved many lives over the generations. I know you possess the grace and skill to make use of it. Just let it’s gust guide you.” -Brazen Talisman of the Crossroads.

“I-I just don’t know what to say. This is too much. There isn’t enough time in the Loom to fully show my gratitude. But- I will use it to destroy threats to the realm and defend the lives of those that can’t defend themselves, without renounce.”- Peerless Heavens

Zephyr Guiding Épée

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