Nexus, also known as the City between the River Harlot’s Legs and a hundred other, less complimentary names, is the largest city in the Scavenger Lands, and possibly in Creation. It is known for being the center for trade and commerce in Creation, and for being a haven for free trade, and the headquarters of the Guild. Nexus sits at the confluence of the Yanaze River, the Grey River, and the Yellow River, some six hundred miles east of Lookshy.

While the Imperial City may well be wealthier, that wealth is concentrated within the hands of the Scarlet Dynasty, while in Nexus, millions of talents of jade and silver change hands every single day. It is a chaotic and confusing place, a city with many rules but few laws, where an ignoble death lurks around every corner.

The body of rules that passes for law within the bounds of Nexus, the Incunabulum consists of thousands upon thousands of pages, all carefully indexed, as each new edict by a member of the Council of Entities must be checked against every previous entry, and any previous edicts that it contradicts are removed. It comprises the Dogma, the six unchanging rules of Nexus; its capital crimes, enforced by the Emissary; and the Civilities, the chaotic and ever-changing body of rules, great and small. For convenience, the Dogma is repeated below, together with any entries to the Civilities that may be added at a later date.

The Dogma

-No taxes shall be raised, save by the council.
-None shall obstruct trade.
-None shall bring an army into Nexus.
-No-one shall commit wanton violence.
-None may falsely claim the council’s name or sanction.
-None shall harbour a fugitive from the council’s wrath.

The Civilities

The Nexus Anthology

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